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BATANBadan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional (Indonesia's national nuclear agency)
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Parts suppliers mutter that Batan has not ordered from them at all.
Batan reported that the DOTr has started receiving the bulk of new train spare parts from foreign suppliers, which he said, could bring the trains back on the tracks.
Tambien contrastan en su ubicacion: el Huerto Adelfas esta situado al sur del distrito de Retiro, lindando con Puente de Vallecas, un barrio con una larga trayectoria de movimiento vecinal; mientras el Huerto Batan se situa en una zona mas periferica, en Lucero, distrito de Latina, barrio de relativa nueva edificacion--seis decadas--y con menor tradicion de articulacion social, que en origen acogio a poblacion de la migracion rural; recientemente ha experimentado la llegada de poblacion mas joven de origenes diversos.
But by then the campaign had done its job of launching the Bangka NPP idea, keeping alive the promise of safe nuclear power after Fukushima, helping BATAN secure an important alliance with the then Babel provincial government, and most importantly, constructing a kind of informational fog of fantasy and uncertainty that deflected attention from increasingly effective domestic critics of an Indonesian nuclear power program.
He has also worked for USAID, NC State University, and the Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo in El Batan, Mexico.
Charlotte Nye, Sharon | Kearney, Beverely Durber, Rokaya Batan and Paula Clark from the Coventry Stop Smoking team
Loans to Marcos to build the Batan nuclear power plant - which never generated any electricity, and was built on an earthquake faultline - merely represent the most absurd example.
Taiwan's defence ministry said it was set to begin a drill later Wednesday aimed at defending its fishermen in waters near the Philippine island of Batan.
The complex is situated just south of the town of Batan Grande in the mid-La Leche Valley on the north coast of Peru.
OML 42 covers an area of some 814 square kilometres and includes the Batan, Egwa, Odidi, Jones Creek fields and related facilities.
The JAEA has prepared a draft memorandum that will be initially signed soon between the agency and BATAN to boost cooperation in the nuclear field.
Long Batan" literally means 'the confluence of the Batan (river)' and, as seen here, place names, which amount to ethnonyms, are part of a vernacular system of ethnic classification that also indicates the attributes of longhouses.