BATBBird and the Bee (band)
BATBBeauty and the Breakdown (Bury Your Dead album)
BATBBeat around the Bush
BATBBattle at the Boardwalk (Atlantic City, NJ; mixed martial arts)
BATBBeauty and the Beast
BATBBack At the Board
BATBBrave and the Bold (comic)
BATBBattle at the Berrics (skateboarding competition)
BATBBold and the Beautiful (TV show)
BATBBash At the Beach
BATBBook Across the Bay (ski event; Wisconsin)
BATBBack at the Barnyard (TV series)
BATBBreathing Apparatus Training Building (firefighting)
BATBBeehive and the Barracudas (band)
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BNTB (48.40 g, 0.10 mol) was then reduced to 4,4'-bis(4-aminophenoxy)-3,3',5,5' -tetramethyl biphenyl (BATB) in ethanol (200 ml) using hydrazine hydrate (85 wt%, 100 ml)/[FeC1.sub.3] [6H.sub.2.O] (0.6 g)/activated carbon (2.0 g) for 4 h at 80[degrees]C under [N.sub.2].
The British Association of Tissue Banks (BATB) guidelines (5) suggest the storage of skin after 6 months as non-viable graft in 98 per cent glycerol, but it is difficult to rehydrate and is inferior for transplantation purposes (5).
Living area features a half batb, balcony, hardwood floors, dining room, dishwasher.