BATCOBritish Army Tactical Code
BATCOBattle Code
BATCOBase Air Traffic Control Officer (Canada)
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These breaches were confined to the wall's outer face -- the 5-7 meter-thick wall itself hasn't been ruptured -- meaning no trash has spilled out, according to Joseph Germanos, Batco's site manager.
Low Ping, CEO of Eagle Hills, said: "The awarding of the marine and grading contract to Batco Group on The Address Fujairah Resort + Spa and The Address Residences Fujairah Resort + Spa emphasises our aim to provide our customers with modern, sustainable, and innovative solutions.
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Batco claims it had to build the wall at its own expense in the summer of 2017, in order to prevent the trash mountain from collapsing.
Also among the consortiums are Societa Italiana Per Condotte D'Acqua (leader), Federici Stirling Batco, SWS Engineering and Itinera, and Vinci Construction Grand Projects (leader) along with Aktor Technical and Vinci Construction Terrassement, Porr Bau GmbH (leader), Yuksel Insat and Sarooj Construction Company and Daewoo E&C.
Meanwhile, the open-air dump managed by the operating company Batco and commissioned by the Council for Development and Reconstruction will be receiving increasing amounts of waste.
Just last month, a joint venture led by contractor Federici Stirling Batco, with Spanish construction giant Ferrovial, picked up a $344.4m (OR: 132.6m) contract to build the fifth section, a 41km stretch.
In the contract signed by the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Fayha Municipalities Union with management company Batco in 1999 to establish the dump, a maximum height for the accumulated trash was specified at 25 meters.
The second agreement for the fifth package of Batinah Expressway was signed with Federici Stirling Batco for developing a 41km stretch of the highway between Wadi Hibi road and Liwa.