BATDBritish Association of Teachers of Dancing
BATDBasic Aviation Training Device
BATDBattlefield Automation Test Directorate
BATDBeta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta (brainwave patterns)
BATDBehind a Thatched Divider (album)
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Under the new rule, as much as 40 percent of AATD time will be allowed; the limit for BATD use will be increased to 25 percent.
This result implies some doubts about the advisability of a therapy based on behavioral activation in disorders other than depression, as the BATD version of the therapy has done (e.
The elements selected were those common to the main contemporary BA models for depression (e.g., BA, BATD) and supported by principles of operant psychology.
La "Terapia de interaccion padres-hijo" (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, PCIT; Eyberg y Calzada, 1998) y el "Tratamiento de activacion conductual para la depresion" (Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression, BATD; Lejuez, Hopko y Hopko, 2001), son dos ejemplos de intervenciones no centradas en el trauma que son potencialmente utiles en el tratamiento de jovenes victimas (Fricker-Elhai, Ruggiero y Smith, 2005; Ruggiero, Morris, Hopko y Lejuez, 2007; Urquiza y McNeil, 1996).
The BATD event featured dancers from all over the country who had been recommended for scholarships after winning honours in their regional examinations.
Subsequent to this study, substantial preliminary data have accumulated that support the utility of two new interventions: Behavioral Activation (BA; Addis & Martell, 2004; Martell, Addis, & Jacobson, 2001) and the Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression (BATD; Lejuez, Hopko, & Hopko, 2001, 2002). The British Association of Teachers of Dancing.
Join in En Pointe Dance Academy is a BATD dance school based within Paisley's Ralston Community Sports Centre.
We examined the simulators' Letters of Authorization that formally specify what can be done in an Aviation Training Device or ATD, which can be either Basic (BATD) or Advanced (AATD).
Holloday offers its clients an FAA-approved Elite PI-135 Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) that can be used to log 2.5 hours of training toward a private certificate or 10 hours toward an instrument rating.