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BATEBlows against the Empire (album)
BATEBorderless Access to Training and Education (Montana)
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'You'd like to be able to make pocket-handkerchiefs as easy as Charley Bates, wouldn't you, my dear?' said the Jew.
Master Bates saw something so exquisitely ludicrous in this reply, that he burst into another laugh; which laugh, meeting the coffee he was drinking, and carrying it down some wrong channel, very nearly terminated in his premature suffocation.
At last, the Dodger trod upon his toes, or ran upon his boot accidently, while Charley Bates stumbled up against him behind; and in that one moment they took from him, with the most extraordinary rapidity, snuff-box, note-case, watch-guard, chain, shirt-pin, pocket-handkerchief, even the spectacle-case.
At length, Charley Bates expressed his opinion that it was time to pad the hoof.
As co-founder, CEO, and president of Bates International Motor Home Rental Systems Inc., a Las Vegas-based recreational vehicle rental company; Bate uses a business model that gives RV owners the chance to rent out their big-ticket purchases to others when they're not hitting the highway themselves.
Four EPs were chosen for a further experiment: Oropon ON2 and Novo Bate 160, which are active in neutral and alkaline media, and Novo Bate WB and LITHUDAC L, which are active in acid and neutral media.
In case you were wondering why they are called BATE, and I realise you weren't, BATE is an acronym of Borisov Works of Automobile and Tractor Electric Equipment.
Although, like Taylor, Bate ranges widely over the "Shakespearean" past, he is best at, alternately, the decade just prior to Titus Andronicus, and that which followed Hazlitt's Characters of Shakespear's Plays.
When they bumped into Adam Bates and his friends, they commented on the Afro and there was some amicable banter.
Bates was in the unseemly process of divorcing Vera, whom many regarded as a surly and wretched woman, on the grounds of her alleged adultery.
James Bates, 35, told police "it was an eye for an eye" after he was arrested for the vicious assault on Kyle Davis, who he blamed for the killing of his 23-year-old younger brother in Toxteth.