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BATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (US)
BATFBangalore Agenda Task Force
BATFBrooklyn Aids Task Force (Brooklyn, NY)
BATFBasic Leucine Zipper Transcription Factor
BATFBuildings and Appliances Task Force
BATFBeach Alcohol Task Force (San Diego, CA)
BATFBay Area Tap Festival
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A BATF memo written two days before the February 28, 1993 raid explained, 'this operation will generate considerable attention, both locally (Texas) and nationally,'" observe Kopel and Blackman.
11) The chief contribution of this Study, though, is to add a new dimension to interest-group theories of regulation, namely that regulatory agencies like the BATF may use their discretionary law enforcement authority selectively, not only to channel benefits to special-interest groups in return for political support, (12) but also to quash dissent by harassing members of organizations that oppose the agency's mandate, or are critical of its methods.
An early victory came in 1980, when the BATF decided against warning labels.
Charged with creating a central government clearinghouse to provide information on explosives crime, the BATF is working with the FBI's Bomb Data Center: federal, state, and local law enforcement: and fire agencies to develop a repository on arson and the criminal use of explosives.
When we began, we expected that state and local law enforcement agencies and the local office of the BATF could provide us with information about illicit gun markets.
This arsenal was one of the reasons the BATF decided to raid the Branch Davidians compound.
In the last few years, BATF has sought to gain authority over all alcoholic beverages, including wine coolers.
The AVA, approved by the BATF in 1991, has a microclimate different from that of its neighboring Monterey County appellations.
And we're flattered you believe us to have some influence over or on BATF regulations.
That was followed in late February with a report by Cheryl Atkisson on CBS News in which she interviewed one of Codrea and Vanderboegh's BATF sources.
PHOENIX, AZ, March 11) Feigning shock and surprise at the huge number of comments they received objecting to their plan to ban popular M855 ammunition, the BATF announced a tactical retreat from the plan, then followed that with testimony from BATF Director B.
The software is fully BATF compliant to aid dealers in managing their firearms transactions.