BATNEECBest Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost
BATNEECBest Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost
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* to ensure that the best available techniques, not entailing excessive cost (BATNEEC) should be used in carrying out the process;
Operators are required to use "best available techniques not entailing excessive cost" (BATNEEC) to prevent or minimise pollution, and where pollution of more than one medium is likely, to adopt the best practicable environmental option(2).
In practice, national standards derived from BATNEEC (and EC directives) provide strict limits on acceptable emission levels.
Among the features it introduces are Integrated Pollution Control (IPC), the |Polluter Pays' principle and BATNEEC which stands for the |best available techniques not entailing excessive cost'.
To obtain and maintain the necessary authorisation to operate under IPC, operators will be required to use BATNEEC. Compliance with BATNEEC and other conditions of authorisation puts the onus on operators to keep techniques under constant review and to up-date them in line with improvements in technology nationally and internationally.
Alternatives (such as aqueous, semi-aqueous, and mechanical cleaning) are available but have technological or cost restrictions which, in the MFA's view, would not support the Government's favoured BATNEEC principle (best available techniques not entailing excessive cost).
Martin Key, principal environmental health officer, local authority unit, air quality division of the Department of the Environment, talked about the second, and to him fell the task of defining BATNEEC. This stands for the best available techniques not entailing excessive cost, and until the local authority decides that a manufacturer is operating in accordance with this it will not permit him to continue.
Using the principles of BATNEEC (Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost) a number of approaches are now available depending on the heavy metal to be removed and the discharge limit to be achieved currently and the future.
This document gives the levels expected by the 'best available techniques not entailing excessive cost' -- known as a BATNEEC. Some 60 sets of BATNEECs have been issued by the HMIP covering different applications and these came into effect on 1 April 1991.