BATRACBilateral Arm Training with Rhythmic Auditory Cueing
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We also explored the correlation of these strategies with residual impairment levels and determined whether they correlate with postintervention changes in motor function when the intervention is BATRAC. We chose BATRAC as an intervention because it takes advantage of the interlimb coupling principle described previously and has shown promise as a viable intervention for those with chronic stroke [7-8].
Each of the 12 participants received 6 weeks of progressive BATRAC training with 3 sessions a week for a total of 18 sessions, each lasting approximately 35 min.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, BATRAC = Bilateral Arm Training with Rhythmic Auditory Cueing, DOF = degree of freedom, FAC = Functional Ambulatory Category, FES = functional electrical stimulation, FM = Fugl-Meyer (Motor), GT = gait training, PT = physiotherapy.