BATSSBattlefield Targeting Support System
BATSSBehavioral Assessment and Technology Support System
BATSSBattlefield Automated Tactical Support System
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Because in classrooms the types of behavior exhibited by each student differ in form as well as function, and because there are occasions when none of the standard 4 conditions evoke the reported (and empirically observed) problem behavior, the BATSS approach has been to modify some of the aforementioned assessment conditions to include persons other than BATSS personnel and/or to conduct 1 or more of the 4 assessment conditions in locations where the behavior occurs most frequ ently (e.
BATSS also tested two other conditions that have their bases more directly in the standard 4 Iwata conditions:
The results of this BATSS study replicated and extended existing research in four areas: First, BATSS is one of the few units in public school districts that report systematically incorporating the complete analysis package--descriptive and functional--with each child referred.