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BATUSBritish Army Training Unit Suffield (Alberta, Canada)
BATUSBritish American Tobacco - US
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Unexploded chemical ordnance is still sometimes found in the grasslands of Batus, which has two wildlife sanctuaries and an oil exploration area on its outskirts.
At Batus late last month, 1 Close Support Battalion was providing the engineering know-how to support soldiers and vehicles from the Queen's Royal Lancers, who were engaged in an exercise designed to prepare them for the demands of both "asymmetric", or terrorist-type, fighting and conventional warfare.
Brigadier Richard Felton, a former Apache pilot who is preparing to take charge of all British forces in Afghanistan next April, tells me that Batus helps to transform "wide-eyed" soldiers into the finished article.
Explaining the benefits of Batus, Major Mark Beaman described it as "the British Army's premier area for mechanised training".
The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh formed part of the main battle group, 1st Mechanised Brigade, which totalled 1,400 servicemen and women exercising on the freezing, barren Batus prairie.
Usually when troops complete the formal training at Batus they are taken to Trail's End Camp in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for a week of adventure activities, including parachuting, canoeing, sailing, pony trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, dog-sledding and ice climbing.
The centrepiece of Batus is an "asset-tracking" system using mobile phone devices and antennae to plot the location of every tank, artillery piece, vehicle and soldier on the range and display them on a huge map in the control centre.
ACTION STATIONS: Soldiers from the 1 Lanes (1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment) Battle group take part in a military exercise on the plains of BATUS (British Army Training Area Suffield), Canada; CRAMPED CONDITIONS: A soldieron military exercise at BATUS (British Army Training Area Suffield), Canada; IN CHARGE LtCol Gary Deakin
for a few years beginning in 1986, shortly after Batus bought the furniture chain.
According to a former associate, Grimes and other managers tried to buy Breuners when Batus put it up for sale.