BAUEBay Area Underwater Explorers (California)
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ICCR has also played an important role in facilitating a shift in corporate responses to shareholder activism from resistance to a more productive dialogue: "As new generations of leadership start to rise up in the corporate context, we're starting to see that people recognize how our members and investors are providing arbitrage opportunities: looking at markets differently and allowing them an opportunity to take advantage of market differentials." (Baue et al., 2008) This signaling of emerging issues in CSR can be seen in the working groups around topics the ICCR is currently pursuing.
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For more information about corporate profiteering from the latest war effort, including faulty bullet-proof vests, see, for example, William Baue, War Millionaires: Defense Contractor CEO Pay Up 200 Percent Since 9/11, SOCIAL FUNDs, Sept.
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Baue, a distinguished surgeon and professor of medicine at Washington University and Yale University medical schools, gives us a practical guide to the health care system and to personal ways to maintain health in Doctor, Can I Ask You a Question?
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Achieving such clarity requires a technique very different from Fontane's idea of interessenvertretung: the writer must always subordinate the parts to the whole, says Ludwig, and characters should not exceed their function as 'Hilfslinien an einer geometrischen Figur, Geruste an einem Baue' (Lg, VI, 24, 122).
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