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He was not a beast; he was a man, and he talked to Bertran, und Bertran comprehended, for I bave seen dem.
U ruskim lingvistickim znanstvenim radovima i istrazivanjima koji se bave rodnim elementima u jeziku (Edmondson 2009, Mitrofanova 2009, Rjabov 1997) opcenito prevladava misljenje da se ruski jezik i naivna slika svijeta koja se u njemu odrazava u najvecoj mjeri uklapaju u androcentricni karakter vecine europskih kultura vidljiv od anticke filozofske misli preko srednjovjekovne krscanske filozofije sve do suvremenosti.
Or, d'une eblouissante bave, Filons les systemes legers Ou l'oisive Eve suave S'engage en de vagues dangers!
"We have shot ourselves in the foot in several areas, where we bave a director but no second in command.
Pour sa part, le ministre a exprime sa satisfaction du cet evenement economique qui bave la route devant des nouveaux horizons economique pour l'investissement touristique dans le pays a l'appui de la place du Soudan dans les forums internationaux et regionaux.
SE-leyman, who confirmed receiving arms and guerilla training in the Zap camp, noted that with the help of the PYD's Aleppo representative Bave Bekas he passed into Lebanon using a fake identity card and passport, and that many other sick and injured PKK members use the same route regularly.
the programmatic "Il cinema di poesia," Pasolini, Saggi 1461-88): hence the lengths to which Pasolini goes to break down the hierarchical divisions between different types of artwork and creators.24 Pasolini's theater stands in an intriguing relationship to his film theory here: theater is certainly a more canonical medium and yet, we bave seen that, in the context of 1960s Italy, it was arguably as difficult for a dramatist as for a filmmaker to establish the kind of transferred literary authorship that Pasolini seeks.
Sweatshops might have been a stronger study had its author sought out the evidence of how since the 1860s (when "flagging out" began) seafarers bave defined new forms of agency in their interaction with institutions of government (the Mercantile Marine Department of the British Board of Trade) and of commerce (Lloyds' ship survey agents).
out it is that bave been doing for it's just a question "We're in a recession scared, people are a b need a laugh first of all, no matter who you are does well in a recess particular case, people gic.
Richards, 1945: 385)." The locality of the type of rufidens may bave been an error, and so misled Richards--but its identity is clear.
(54) Voir NML Capital Ltd v Argentina, [2009] EWHC 110 (Comm), [2009] 2 WLR 1332 au para 14 : << The "commercial transactions" exception [...] does not apply because the claire is brought on the New York judgement, and hot on the transaction on which the judgment was obtained>> ; en appel : [2010] EWCA Civ 41, [2010] 3 WLR 874 au para 92 : [...] each of the exceptions set out in sections 2 to 11 [of the UK State Immunity Act 1978] requires the claimant to demonstrate that the activities of the state giving rise to the proceedings in the UK courts bave some connection with the UK [even in the case of section 3(1)(a)] or else the state concerned has submitted to the jurisdiction of the UK courts.