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BAWBlack and White
BAWBlack America Web
BAWBulk Acoustic Wave
BAWBeijing Automobile Works
BAWBrain Awareness Week
BAWBicycle Alliance of Washington (Washington state, USA)
BAWBells And Whistles
BAWBrothers At War (Counterstrike gaming clan)
BAWBored at Work
BAWBis Auf Weiteres (German: see you later)
BAWBeijing Automotive Works (China)
BAWBronchoalveolar Washing (medical procedure)
BAWBiawonque, Gabon (airport code)
BAWBritish Airways, United Kingdom (ICAO code)
BAWBasketball Association of Wales (UK)
BAWBond Order Alternation Wave
BAWBayerische Akademie für Werbung und Marketing eV
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BAW filters are inherently less sensitive to temperature change than other acoustic filters, but traditional BAW manufacturing processes are not enough to meet the stringent requirements for DSRC systems in Europe.
To celebrate this Welsh business success story Economy Minister Edwina Hart paid a visit to BAW's headquarters and said: "This new contract is excellent news for BAW Precision Engineering, an important employer in this area.
The 4 lines were developed at the Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas where they were sent as seed to the USDA-ARS Subtropical Research Unit, Weslaco, Texas where they were evaluated in BAW feeding bioassays.
The new SGI systems will allow the BAW team to run a greater number of simulation projects and get more precise answers to its many technical, economical and ecological problems and questions.
To assess the effect of induction on BAW neonate mortality, 10 BAW neonates were placed and confined after the 3-d beetle feeding period on the leaf opposite the third leaf of each induced and non-induced plants by using a small paintbrush.
Peter Byrne of BAW said the complex new assembly line, which incorporates robotic arms, was the largest job the company has undertaken so far.