BAWATABaraza la Wanawake Tanzania (Tanzania National Women's Council)
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An officer of BMP, seeking anonymity, disclosed that only three vehicles are under the use of SHOs Sakhai Sarwar, Rakhi Gauj and Bawata, three vehicles are under use of officers including commandant two Rasaldar while eight motorbikes are under the use of some blue-eyed officials.
Seen from its objectives, BAWATA could be a stepping stone for women to liberate themselves and address their issues as opposed to those by parties.
The fact that CCM and its government did not welcome BAWATA as well as the court ruling in favour of an independent candidate suggests strongly that it is not in the interest of CCM to see women organize autonomously outside the party structure.
Commandant Border Military Police BMP Tariq Bukhari talking to media men said that four militants in an explosive-laden vehicle entered in DGK from NWFP via Tarman and arrived in Bawata, the tribal area of DGK situated on Punjab-NWFP border.
A BMP officials said on the condition of anonymity that 11 personnel were posted at Bawata, seven at Kher and 12 at Rakhi Gaj the posts the terrorists crossed easily.
The source and cap rocks ofSulaiman basin are shales ofJurassic Sulaiman group, Cretaceous Sembar, Gorn and Mughalkot, Paleocene Rakhi Gaj (Bawata member), Dungan, Eocene Shaheed Ghat, Toi, Drug, Baska, Habib Rahi, Domanda, Pirkoh and Drazinda formations.
The following Paleocene Sangiali group represents Rakhi Gaj (Girdu member, glauconitic and hematitic sandstone; Bawata member, alternation of shale and sandstone), and Dungan (thick limestone with minor shale) formations;
The phosphate seems to be anomalous in green and black shale and greenish grey sandstone of Mughalkot formation and green to greenish grey shale and greenish grey to red spotted and red wavy laminated sandstone of Rakhi Gaj (both Girdu and Bawata members) formation.