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BAWMBelfast Anti-War Movement
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The most common form of these instant justice or punishment being the caging of the culprits (victims) in a 'Savawm Bawm'(Bear Cages/animal traps) and putting them at public display; reminiscent of the pre-colonial tribal days when Human heads or animals caught in a game were displayed for flaunting 'Heroism'.
Culturally and linguistically, the Khumis belong to the Bawm, Lusai, Khiang and Mro tribal groups.
In the southeast region of Chittagong Division, reside various tribes like the Chakmas, Marmas, Murongs, Rakhains, Bawms, Lusais, Chaks, and the Tonchongyas.
The various tribes inhabiting the region include the Chaks, Chakmas, Marmas, Murongs, Rakhains, Tripuras, Pankhos, Bawms, Tonchongyas, and the Mros, to name only a few.
The Pankhos and the Bawms may be the same tribe, and both may have come (according to some anthropologists) from Chin Province in present day Myanmar.