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BAXBCL (B Cell Lymphoma)-Associated X
BAXBaxter International Inc. (stock symbol; Deerfield, IL)
BAXBankers' Acceptance (Canadian futures)
BAXBCL2-Associated X Protein
BAXBurlington Air Express
BAXBrooklyn Arts Exchange (New York)
BAXBarnaul, Russia - Barnaul Airport (Airport Code)
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RT-PCR Amplification of Bax, Bcl-2 and [beta]-Actin Gene: RNA extracted from small intestine tissue was reverse-transcribed into cDNA according to PrimeScript RT reagent Kit With gDNA Eraser instruction manual, and the objective band was observed after PCR amplification.
Bax, who died aged 69 in 1953, was best known for his orchestral music.
Although language barriers were not an issue in terms of commercial negotiations, Bax says considering the wider relationship with a South Korean partner is also important.
As for the tries, I was a lot quicker in my younger days although may have been known for hanging around on the wing!" As for hanging up his boots, Bax believes there's a few games left in him.
To measure the expression levels of apoptosis-related genes, cDNA samples were mixed with [RT.sup.2] qPCR primers (BCL-2, BAX, CAS3, CAS9, P53, BIRC and PPIA), [RT.sup.2] SYBR Green qPCR mastermix, and expression was performed using the qRT-PCR device under the conditions of hold 95[degrees]C 15 min, cycle 95[degrees]C 15 sec and 60[degrees]C 30 sec, for 40 cycles.
In the province, Bax said the training will be held at the 31 TESDA-accredited public and private schools that offer technical and vocational programs.
The primer sets were as follows: NF-[kappa]B, 5'-GGTGGAGGCATGTTCGGTAG-3' (forward), 5 '-CGTCATCACTCTTGGCACAATCT-3 ' (reverse; accession number NM_008689, nuccore/NM_008689.2); Akt, 5'-AAGGAGGTCATCGTCG CCAA-3' (forward), 5'-ACAGCCCGAAGTCCGTTATC-3' (reverse; accession number NM_009652.3, http://www.ncbi; Bax, 5'-GCCTTTTTG CTACAGGGTTTCAT-3' (forward), 5'-TATTGCTGTCCA GTTCATCTCCA-3' (reverse; accession number NM_007527,; Bcl-2, 5'-TGACTTCTCTCGTCGCTACCGT-3' (forward), 5'-CCT GAAGAGTTCCTCCACCACC-3' (reverse; accession number NM_009741, 009741.4).
In contrast with the PLA group, as the phosphorylation of ERK1/2 was inhibited by PD98059, the expression of proapoptotic protein Bax was decreased and the expression of antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2 was restored (Figure 6(a)).
Bax will be responsible for strengthening Citigroup's client franchise in the region and is to report to Dany Caplan, EMEA head of investor services sales.
Paying members of Kent Wildlife Trust say Mr Bax's role as chairman is at odds with his involvement in hunting.
The acquisition includes all of DuPont Diagnostics business assets, including the BAX and RiboPrinter Systems and associated test kits; a global and technically trained sales, R/D and manufacturing organization; and in-house production capacity.
Apoptosis proteins caspase-3, procaspase-3, Bcl-2 and Bax were detected by western blot.