BAYCBay Area Youth Centers (Hayward, CA)
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Young people are involved in shaping the direction of BAYC work in four ways: governance, youth-led research, feedback and consultation and regular involvement of young people in all areas of work.
Hilda was a long-time supporter and donor to BAYC, who supported our work over many years.
A voluntary organisation, BAYC was founded by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury in 1898 as the Birmingham Union of Girls' Clubs and has been working with young people in the region for 107 years by organising activities, events and training.
BAYC still has around 180 youth clubs, which include well known names such as The Stonehouse Gang, Turves Green Focus, Shenley Fields Youth Club and St Lawrence in Northfield.
BAYC was founded in 1898 by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury as the Birmingham Union of Girls' Clubs.
Established in 1898 by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury as the Birmingham Union of Girls' Clubs, last year the BAYC celebrated its centenary with a host of special events.
For his many years of work for the BAYC, Mr Richardson was awarded an MBE by the Queen in the New Year's Honours List for services to the Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs.
Richard Hockney, of the Rathbone Society, said: "We want to introduce our neighbours to the work of BAYC and Rathbone in helping marginalised young people who, despite disabilities or disadvantages, can give something of worth and beauty back to their community.
John Shah, of BAYC, said: "Without this funding from O2's It's Your Community, we would probably not have been able to make a start.
Les Hemus, principal development officer for BAYC said: "This is the dawn of a new era for us where we can expand and support the 190 youth groups that make up our association.
BAYC has expanded its work with disabled groups and launched a project called Just Ask where disabled young people have looked at what barriers exist to stop them volunteering to help others.
BAYC bought the property after being left a legacy by one of its most committed supporters, Hilda Simister, and the house is being named after her.