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Tens of Saudi-backed militants were killed or injured after the Yemeni army and Ansarullah popular forces launched a joint drone and artillery offensive on the positions held by militants in Qaniyeh front in al Bayda Governorate of the country late on Saturday, al-Masireh news channel reported.
However, prospects seem dim as both sides battled in the eastern and southern parts of Hodeida and the central province of Bayda. Fighting broke out after government forces foiled infiltration attempts by Al Houthis there, the Yemeni army said.
Last month, the United States said it had killed dozens of IS militants at training camps in Bayda. Next Page >
In late May, a tanker operated by the General National Maritime Transport Company was bombed by the Libyan Air Force, which is under the control of the Bayda government, as it arrived at the Port of Sirte.
[7] Sasha Gordon, "Tribal Militias in Yemen: al Bayda and Shabwah," AEI's Critical Threats Project, February 7, 2013.
"I call on the world to head this call and deal with NOC in Bayda."
Officials from Bayda city had contacted Galal's family, as well as the Egyptian consulate in Tobruk, to inform them that an Egyptian national's body was found, but the consulate was unresponsive.
During that visit, yE-ler became the first foreign official to meet with the country's self-declared prime minister, Omar al-Hasi, since Libya's internationally recognized government was forced to move to Bayda after former insurgents from the western city of Misrata took over the capital Tripoli in August.
Thanni spoke to a new channel his government set up on Thursday in Bayda after the previous state TV channel was taken over by the new Tripoli rulers.
The New York-based group said in its new report, released yesterday, that mass killings took place in the towns of Bayda and Banias on May 2 and 3.
Turkish bombings linked to Banias suspect A fugitive Turkish Alevi with Syrian citizenship and a checkered past has emerged as the chief instigator and overseer of last week's massacres in Bayda and Banias.
Un chef local d'Al-Qaida et l'un de ses hommes ont ete tues dans un accrochage avec les forces de securite dans la province de Bayda, au sud de San, apres un attentat suicide ayant coute la vie a trois policiers.