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Past scholarship has shown that such workers must not only create a product or offer a service, but also must expend effort toward building durable relationships with audiences to facilitate payment for their labor (Baym, 2015).
Baym, et al., (1994) quoted Bradstreet's father who told the people in England to come over and join them if their lives were endued with grace because there was no house where one had not died due to the terrible winter and the devastating infections that were the result of the summer heat (p.3).
Baym G (2007) Crafting new communicative models in the televisual sphere: political interviews on The Daily Show.
Baym and colleagues modeled those spatial dynamics using a giant rectangular dish more than a meter long instead of a standard palm-sized dish.
the principles of visual storytelling (Everton 1999, Baym 2004) and the adaptation of various structuralist-narratological and dramaturgical models in the training of television journalists (Everton 1999, Larsen 2003, Hansen 2013, Larsen and Frederiksen 2014).
In general, new media have the advantages of facilitating information exchange at a low cost (Baym et al., 2012; Beniger, 1996), enlarging the number and variety of people potentially involved in the communication (Huber, 1990; Rainie, 2000), and reducing the temporal and physical constraints of traditional communication (Eveland & Bikson, 1988; Baym et al., 2012).
As Baym (2010) suggests, early research saw the inferiorities of telephone and the Internet in contrast to face-to-face interaction: people cannot establish concrete and intimate connections through those media technologies like their co-present situations.
Consistency and effectiveness of TMC can be complicated, because digital media provide fewer interpersonal cues than face-to-face exchanges (Baym, 2010).