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(2) Prefaces written to the manuscripts of the Shahnama, most notably Bondari's introduction to his Arabic translation in the 13th century, the 1217 manuscript (in the Florence library), the 1276 manuscript (now in the British Museum), and the 1425 Bayso
Brenzinger (4) reports the Ethiopian case in which Ongota is replaced by Ts'amakko, Kwegu by Mursi, Shabo by Majang' and Harro by Bayso. Batibo (5) probably has the most comprehensive compilation of all the endangered languages across the African continent.
Anyone else with similar talent should contact Maplins..sorry Ruth.Hard at it in Trecco BaySO just who exactly were the gang of fans who mobbed ex- Eastender Grant Mitchell - aka Ross Kemp - while he was relaxing from a film shoot in Trecco Bay ?