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BAckBinding Acknowledgement
BAckBetter Access to Chiropractors to Keep our Veterans Healthy Act (introduced 2004)
BAckBack At Computer Keyboard
BAckBecome a Cheerful Kid
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So he went to marching up and down, thinking, and frowning horrible every now and then; then he would hoist up his eyebrows; next he would squeeze his hand on his forehead and stagger back and kind of moan; next he would sigh, and next he'd let on to drop a tear.
Our gloves are glued with the frozen blood, Our eyes with the drifting snow; But we come back to our wives again, Back from the edge of the floe!
He ducked forward and down, Ponta's fist just missing the back of his head.
I say, Professor," Tom called back to the savant, "you'd better speak to him in his lingo, I can't manage it.
By now he has received the note and is coming back.
They both started back, on finding that I was looking at them, like two boys caught out by their schoolmaster in a fault.
a woman's voice called back from the throng about the shed, and Ethan's heart gave a jump.
Another from the Norman whizzed into the waist, broke the back of a horse, and crashed its way through the side of the vessel.
If I had kept it locked up in the house, you might have forced the lock when my back was turned.
Then we can come back into Oakland from the other side, sneak across on the ferry, and send the machine back around to-night with the chauffeur.
Baulked of his quarry by the inconsiderateness of the mate, Jerry trotted back to the head of the companion to wait for Skipper.
Here, with his broad back against the rugged trunk of the willow tree, and half hidden by the soft ferns around him, sat a stout, brawny fellow, but no other man was there.