BAEEBotanical Artists for Education and the Environment (Washington, DC)
BAEEBachelor of Arts English with Economics (various schools)
BAEEBenzoyl-Arginine Ethyl Ester
BAEEBachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
BAEEBachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
BAEEBenelux Association of Energy Economists (Belgium)
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The blank solution contained 2.8 mL of 1 mM BAEE in 25 mM of N[H.sub.4]HC[O.sub.3] buffer solution (pH 8) and 0.2 mL of 1 mM HCl, and the test solution contained 2.8 mL of 1 mM BAEE solution and 0.2 mL of immobilized trypsin (1 mg/mL).
*Brussels Energy Round Table (BERT) in cooperation with Benelux Association for Energy Economics (BAEE): Half-day Seminar on the report of London Economics on the Structure and functioning of the Belgium Electricity Market.
Car vous estes en peril de ruiner Souventefoiz en tempeste formee, Et lors vous fault en la soulte avaler, Gesir envers et la gueule baee, Pour la pueur la vomir mainte goute, Le cul a bort mettre, crier: Helas!
This monolithic silica structure was used to immobilize the enzyme trypsin that was then used to digest N-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester (BAEE).
This move, despite gloomy predictions at the time, did not result in any reduction in passenger numbers and continued to be a vital revenue-earner for both airline and airport, even after the airline's rationalisation plan which followed its merger with British Regional Airlines to form BA CitiExpress (BAEE) in 2001.
En la presente investigacion se determinaron algunas caracteristicas bioquimicas en el veneno total y la fracccion I del veneno de la serpiente Bothrops venezuelensis como el perfil de elucion del veneno total obtenido por cromatografia de exclusion molecular utilizando Sephadex G-100, el perfil electroforetico en gel de poliacrilamida con Sodio Dodecil Sulfato (SDS-PAGE) y tres actividades enzimaticas (Fosfolipasa [A.sub.2], Caseinolitica y Esterasica sobre N-Benzoil - L - Arginin Etil Ester (BAEE)).
Fractions were assayed for arginine ester hydrolase activity with the synthetic substrate BAEE ([alpha]-N-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester).
In designing the new turret, Vickers made use of a simulator, which it brought to BAEE. Trying out an aircraft cockpit in this way is commonplace in the aerospace industry, but had never been done before on a British tank.
[3] Soleymani S.A., Abdullah A.H., Hassan W.H, Anisi M.H, Goudarzi S, Rezazadeh Baee M.A, Mandala S., "Trust management in vehicular ad hoc network: a systematic review," EURASIP Journal on Wireless Comm.
My predecessor had been very active in BAEE and I continued with his contacts.
The inhibitory activities on bovine pancreatic trypsin and bovine-chymotrypsin were determined by measuring the remaining hydrolytic activity toward specific substrates, BAEE and BTEE, respectively, after pre-incubation with PDTI for 10 min.