BBANBasic Bank Account Number
BBANBulgarian Business Angels Network
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In 1996, BBAN had 102 applicants, 65 of which requested to be housed within the incubator.
It was the technical assistance provided through BBAN that nurtured him and allowed him to grow.
Stated Michael Williams, chairman of the board of BBAN, "As we move in the direction of successfully delivering our product to the world, today the bar was raised.
BBAN will begin separating its holdings that are not consistent with the business model, while allowing the shareholders to benefit from them.
Such statements regarding the real or implied ability of BBAN to implement its plan to become a VBNO, improve its operations, increase its assets, or the economic commercialization of any of the above involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, raising sufficient working capital, managing and controlling costs, costs, delays, and any other difficulties related to BBAN's operations, continued agreements with its technology partners, financing, marketing and sales, risks and effects of legal and administrative proceedings and governmental regulation, future financial and operational results, competition, general economic conditions, and the ability to manage and continue growth.
The company stated that the shareholder of record will receive in the next days the BBAN stock certificates or have the BBAN shares credited to their brokerage accounts.
received the 6 million BBAN shares which are in the process to be distributed to Merit's shareholders as of record of Aug.
EDTV is currently in the process of completing a reverse merger with BBAN that will give EDTV majority interest in the resulting company.