BBANBasic Bank Account Number
BBANBulgarian Business Angels Network
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Broadband Wireless International Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: BBAN) has executed an agreement to provide a high-speed, secure, broadband wireless
The Birmingham Business Assistance Network (BBAN) is a mixed-use incubator that has fostered the growth of start-up medical, engineering, and telecommunications firms in a city that needed workforce opportunities beyond steel mills.
In 1996, BBAN had 102 applicants, 65 of which requested to be housed within the incubator.
One of the best programs helping black businesses survive once they have found the capital to get started has been a public/private partnership called the Birmingham Business Assistance Network (BBAN), a nonprofit incubator for budding businesses that provides technical counseling and guidance, financing information, and office space in the business incubation center with copy and fax machines, postage meters, computer stations, conference rooms, receptionists and janitorial, clerical and word processing services.