BBBEEBroad Based Black Economic Empowerment (South Africa)
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In addition, the market, in response to the requirements of BBBEE places a premium on existing contracts to comply with the new requirements and thus BTS/AvoVision is now positioned to take strategic advantage of this change in the operating environment.
The rise of White women to top management is largely attributed to the EEA in South Africa; yet even the introduction of BBBEE has not increased African women's representation in senior and top management in South Africa.
He continues: “A BBBEE rating allows us to open new revenue streams and drive greater revenues from existing relationships.
Comprehensive research unveils the best-of-the-best in South African businesses in accordance with a 13-point best practice model that includes Turnover, Growth (%), Growth (Rands), CSI Expenditure, Turnover per employee to name a few, including BBBEE qualifications.
The BBBEE transaction better aligns KBR SA with its customers and competitively positions KBR SA for long-term growth.
Progress is being made in fighting fronting through the BBBEE Commission as such practices reverse the gains of transformation.
Founded as part of Nampaks support of economic transformation through enterprise development, the company has a black female majority ownership and a level three BBBEE status.
This appointment included each bank's BBBEE partner, namely Crede Capital, Nations Capital, Rho Capital and Quartile Capital respectively.
However, because the Chinese were not specifically mentioned in either the EEA or the BBBEE legislation, employers and government officials were left to use their discretion, resulting in great confusion for and about the Chinese South Africans.
Also, as a Level 5 Contributor and Value-Adding Supplier of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in South Africa, KBR will add significant value and support to this agreement as its status will allow Sasol to claim 100% of its procurement spend against its own BBBEE scorecard.
In the event National Treasury proceeds with an offering, it would appoint a syndicate of international and/or local banks and BBBEE partners, and make further announcements in line with applicable regulations and market practice.
Surely we should be studying the effects of BBBEE policies on enterprises, identifying and modelling the factors that mediate or moderate the success of the ventures.