BBCGBraxton Butterfield Consulting Group
BBCGBennett Brook Catchment Group (Australia)
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Under BBCG, each division will retain its current name and overall business structure.
Murphy indicated that BBCG sought a known quantity which had proven both its ability to properly represent the interests of a client and which had demonstrated the high degree of ethics BBCG seeks from such a relationship.
Prior to forming BBES, Crawford and Lucy had been retained by BBCG to assist with energy-related programs as owners of Rayan Solutions, LLC, a company focused on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy solutions.
The formation of BBES creates a complete offering of services under the BBCG umbrella, from financing and construction to property management and energy management programs, something that is unique in the industry," stated Bruce Robinson, President and CEO of Balfour Beatty Capital Group, Inc.