BBCORBatted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (baseball bat performance measurement)
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The highest ball velocity from "legal" bats came from the Reflex BBCOR bat, with an average of 31 mph.
While those changes had the desired effect, some NCAA coaches were quoted in media reports about BBCOR questioning if it will decrease offence to the point where it negatively impacts fan interest.
BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution," which was introduced as the movement to control the speed of the ball as it comes off an aluminum bat, gained momentum over the last few years.
All high school aluminum and composite barrels with -3 drop weights must meet BBCOR certification standards and display an official BBCOR logo.
Sports Authority offers the best variety of BBCOR approved bats from Easton, Demarini, Louisville Slugger and Rawlings from $39.
Sports Authority is proud to offer a unique variety of BBCOR certified bats to our customers and provide the knowledge and products they need to accommodate the regulation changes," said Jeffrey Schumacher, CMO, Sports Authority.
We have been in full BBCOR production for months and are committed to offering the most new technologies, the best values, and the largest selection of price points to support all levels of high school play, just as we have done for many, many years," said Mike Zlaket, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Easton Baseball/Softball.
Sports Authority has been working with officials at CIF to ensure BBCOR bats are available at all California Sports Authority locations to accommodate for the new rule.
In order to help offset the cost of the new required BBCOR bats, Sports Authority is offering customers a $25 cash card when they spend $100 or more on their BBCOR purchase at Sports Authority retail locations to be used on a future purchase.
Associates have been trained as the "authority" on the new BBCOR standards to best assist customers to make the best purchasing decision on BBCOR-certified products, including:
Louisville Slugger, Omaha BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $199.
Demarini, Voodoo BBCOR High School Baseball Bat $299.