BBCSBulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies (UK)
BBCSBlackberry Business Cloud Services (Research in Motion)
BBCSBarnsley British Co-Operative Society (UK)
BBCSBureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems (Florida)
BBCSBroadband Connectivity Service (Swisscom)
BBCSBible Baptist Christian School (various locations)
BBCSBridge Builders Conciliation Services, Inc (Fort McMurray, AB, Canada)
BBCSBritish Butterfly Conservation Society (est. 1967)
BBCSBankersBank Card Services
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Sandy Hill, Senior Vice President for Capstone On-Campus Management, described the management style as one that will be a "close collaboration that will work well for the University, for Capstone and BBCS, but most importantly, for the FAU students who will call campus, home.
The BBCS says it is as keen to expose evidence that is not genuine, as it is to seek proof of the presence of big cats.
Keen to expose evidence that is not genuine, the BBCS also reveals it has in the last year uncovered several "hoaxes" including a photo of a supposed black panther printed by two national tabloids in April 2005.
Almost 60% of all the sightings reported were of black cats and 32% were of brown or sandy-coloured ones, which the BBCS believes to be pumas.
Overall there were 2052 sightings reported to the BBCS throughout Britain last year - at least four a day.
But Danny Bamping, wildlife cameraman and BBCS founder, said, 'The evidence has been growing and is increasingly clear.
Last year was an 'extraordinary year,' according to BBCS founder Danny Bamping, 29, a wildlife cameraman based in Plymouth.
The BBCS itself has no doubts that the cats exist but is working to provide evidence.
The BBCS said it estimates that for every reported sighting of a big cat, two to three others go unreported.
We aim to provide a source of evidence and information for the police, media and government organisations, " said founder member and secretary Daniel Bamping The BBCS believes this unified approach to research and reporting has dramatically increased the understanding of exotic felines in Britain.