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Both BBCW and Phoenix Television target international audiences.
This table shows that leaders' visits and meetings, government announcements, and proposals and ceremonies are also widely covered on BBCW, though national and domestic conflicts take up a large part of its bulletins.
BBCW does not include business news in its hourly bulletins as it has a dedicated programme, Business Report, which it broadcasts at 9.
Although reports on issues of public concern appear on both Phoenix and BBCW news bulletins, they are infrequent.
A comparative analysis of two news scripts and their corresponding images illustrates how Phoenix and BBCW present the same story in a completely different manner.
In the first example, news that London had won the 2012 Olympic bid was introduced on Phoenix and the BBCW thus:
The BBCW anchor also gives some detail about the process through which the winner was elected, in addition to screening the comments of Prime Minister Blair.
In contrast, BBCW did not repeat any information during its report.
In addition to the statement on the background and process of the news event, some subjective and personal descriptions and comments appeared on BBCW news.
Reporting the same event in its evening bulletin, BBCW primarily utilises images of the London celebration parties in Trafalgar Square and Waterloo Station.
The issues that Phoenix's bulletin focused on were not as important to BBCW news, which only addressed them briefly in the anchor's introduction:
Where Phoenix covers stories very broadly, BBCW news tends to report on specific issues or individuals involved in an event.