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BBDBarbados Dollar
BBDBig Baby Davis (sports)
BBDBombardier, Inc. (stock symbol)
BBDBell Biv Devoe (hip-hop band)
BBDBlackbird Designs (est. 1999)
BBDBarebone Desktop
BBDBase Band Device
BBDBidirectional Bus Distributor
BBDBusiness by Design (SAP software solution)
BBDBillet Based Distribution (US Navy)
BBDBenign Breast Disease
BBDBarone, Budge & Dominick (South Africa)
BBDBigger Better Deal
BBDBucket Brigade Device
BBDBig Black Dog
BBDBest Before Date (food packaging)
BBDBloc de Branche Droit (French: Right Bundle Branch Block; cardiology)
BBDBilan Bucco Dentaire (French)
BBDBoulazac Basket Dordogne (French basketball club)
BBDBarrel Blocking Device (paintball)
BBDBig Bands Database (resource)
BBDBalance Before Delivery
BBDBig Buck Down (deer hunting)
BBDBright Bridge Display
BBDBrady, Texas (Airport Code)
BBDBritish Bulldogs (WWF tag team wrestlers)
BBDBox-Behnken Design (research method)
BBDBig Black Delta (aircraft)
BBDBoisbriand (Flashwood, Quebec)
BBDBujinkan Brian Dojo (Taijutsu school)
BBDBirmingham Blue Dolphins
BBDBefore Bronchodilator
BBDBad Body Day
BBDBattle B-Daman (anime)
BBDBig Bass Drum (Purdue University; Indiana)
BBDBlock Based Design
BBDBrain-Based Device
BBDBybi Dejau (gaming clan)
BBDBasic Belief Density (function)
BBDBranch and Bound Algorithm
BBDBig Black Dress
BBDBenkelman Beam Deflection (highway engineering)
BBDBad Business Decision
BBDBlock Buster Drug
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BBD reduced its delivery forecast to 20-22 C Series aircraft in 2017 compared to at least 30 as originally planned due to slow engine deliveries by Pratt & Whitney (P&W) associated with durability issues on the engines.
In addition, BBD is expected to reduce its cost of funds and enhance its financial and strategic flexibility in view of its long-term strategy to create a stronger capital structure and further reduce leverage
Free cash flow could fluctuate around a neutral range during the next couple of years as BBD uses operating cash flow to fund capital expenditures.
Free cash flow after dividends in fiscal 2011 is expected by BBD to be slightly positive including break-even cash flow at BA.
BBD has substantial liquidity, helping to offset near-term concerns about free cash flow.
Over the long term, BBD is focused on building a stronger capital structure and further reducing leverage, which would help reduce its cost of funds and improve the company's financial and strategic flexibility.
BBD still has substantial liquidity, helping to offset near-term concerns about free cash flow.
Furthermore, BBD has taken steps to reduce the number of employees by 14% at an estimated cost of $30 million.
BBD continues to hold significant market shares in its aerospace and transportation markets.
Even after the recent use of cash to reduce debt, BBD maintains strong cash balances that are sufficient to support its liquidity requirements.
Fitch will publish a more detailed report on BBD at the end of March or early April.
BBD is now estimating transportation growth of 0%-2% compared to the previous 3%-5% expectation.