BBDPBasotho Batho Democratic Party (est. 2006; Lesotho)
BBDPBelgian Blue Dual-Purpose Type (biochemistry)
BBDPBest Board Design Practices (class)
BBDPB. Bigemina-DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) Probe
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BBDP is about 26 pages long, so below I will cover only some of the major points of the booklet.
Reading and discussing BBDP in class has been a good exercise for students in a money and banking class.
With Resume Mirror's resume processing technology integrated in our application, CAPS Candidate Creator(TM) can quickly convert our customers large resume pools into valuable databases of candidates and contacts that really impact recruiter productivity and revenue generation ability," stated John Demsher, President of BBDP Inc.
It's exciting to see partners like BBDP who have been able to pass on the business benefits of our resume processing components to their customers just as quickly as they were able to integrate our technology into their offering," stated Praj Patel, General Manager of Resume Mirror.
com BBDP Jeannie Hobar 1-800-617-7810 ext 208 jeannie@bbdp.