BBDPBasotho Batho Democratic Party (est. 2006; Lesotho)
BBDPBest Board Design Practices (class)
BBDPBelgian Blue Dual-Purpose Type (biochemistry)
BBDPB. Bigemina-DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) Probe
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Reading and discussing BBDP in class has been a good exercise for students in a money and banking class.
The highly toxic aniline free base plus methanol solution (solution C, Table 1) was as effective as BBDP for clearing pistils, but callose fluorescence was inhibited and was only detected in vascular tissues and new cell walls near the pistil surface.
III] hybrids during the first collection period (April, May, and June 1992) were cleared in BBDP, analyzed by means of interference contrast optics, and classified as meiotic or apomeiotic-like (Table 2).
Data obtained from pistils of the second and third collections, which were cleared in the sucrose-based aniline blue solution A (Table 1), analyzed for callose fluorescence, recleared in BBDP, and re-analyzed for details of meiocyte development by means of Nomarski optics, are presented in Tables 3 and 4.
Pistils were fixed during late July to mid September, 1992 (second collection), grouped according to suspected meiotic stage based on callose fluorescence, recleared in BBDP, and reclassified based on interference contrast microscopy.
Stage based on analyses of pistils cleared in BBDP Suspected stage based on callose fluorescence([dagger]) MMC Dyad Tetrad Strong fluorescence MMC 23 1 Dyad 18 Tetrad 103 Weak fluorescence 61 6 7 No fluorescence 8 2
An overall decrease in MMC callose fluorescence was observed when pistils were cleared in BBDP first and then recleared in aqueous aniline blue.