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To gain an understanding of Montana's wood product manufacturers' internal capabilities in regard to exporting, a situation analysis was conducted through personal communications with representatives of the largest Montana sawmills, board members of the Montana Wood Products Association Round-table, Research Foresters at the BBER, and private forestry consultants based in western Montana.
Continuing to raise its profile in health care research statewide with keynote addresses by BBER Director of Health Care Research Bryce Ward;
3 Source: Consensus Forecasts- USA; November 1999 and the BBER.
Tree values were developed from an extensive log price data system maintained by the BBER (2001b) and from a sawmill simulation model (Wagner et al.
One of The Chamber's strategies for determining what Memphis-area employers think about the current labor force and what they would like to see improved was to collaborate with the BBER in a labor market survey of Chamber members.
The BBER completed the "Economic Analysis of the Wonders Series - Titanic Exhibit" in the spring of 1998.
Sorenson is a BBER research economist; Steven W Hayes is a BBER research forester; and Todd A.
While GDP is expected to slow in 1997, the BBER believes that it will remain close to a long-term sustainable rate of 2.
We appreciate the efforts of the BBER and all of the participants in its annual Economic Outlook Seminars as they travel the state and learn about economic conditions.
As a result of the momentum building in 1994 and the absence of downside risk factors that would seriously impede our future growth, the BBER outlook for 1995 is for continued growth above the consensus forecast rate.
The keynote speaker, Bill W hitsitt, retired Devon Energy executive vice president and executive in residence at BBER, discussed the new American energy revolution and how it is reshaping Montana communities.