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To gain an understanding of Montana's wood product manufacturers' internal capabilities in regard to exporting, a situation analysis was conducted through personal communications with representatives of the largest Montana sawmills, board members of the Montana Wood Products Association Round-table, Research Foresters at the BBER, and private forestry consultants based in western Montana.
Half of the Montana wood products firms surveyed annually by BBER indicated increased production in 2014, but 16 percent reported decreased output.
The authors of the report are Amy Higginbotham, BBER economist; Adam Pellillo, BBER graduate research assistant; Dr.
Tree values were developed from an extensive log price data system maintained by the BBER (2001b) and from a sawmill simulation model (Wagner et al.
In general, the BBER remains bullish on the economy in the new year.
The BBER contacted 694 households with registered snowmobiles by telephone.
One of The Chamber's strategies for determining what Memphis-area employers think about the current labor force and what they would like to see improved was to collaborate with the BBER in a labor market survey of Chamber members.
Bill joined BBER after a long and distinguished career in public affairs and government relations on the exploration and production side of the oil and gas industry.
The BBER completed the "Economic Analysis of the Wonders Series - Titanic Exhibit" in the spring of 1998.
Housing starts, which are estimated by BBER based upon both building permits as well as utility hookups, were highest in the state's more urbanized counties last year, as shown in Figure 2 on page 4.
While GDP is expected to slow in 1997, the BBER believes that it will remain close to a long-term sustainable rate of 2.