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BBFCBritish Board of Film Classification
BBFCBritish Board of Film Censors
BBFCBerlin-Brandenburg Film Commission (Germany)
BBFCBritish Beatles Fan Club (UK)
BBFCBig Blue Football Camp (Indianapolis Colts and Gatorade)
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She added that the BBFC provides full information about every film and its classification, including descriptions of the key scenes.
All Liverpool is doing is saying, 'Well, the BBFC is advisory to us, we have very high levels of smoking in Liverpool, and if they won't enforce it, we will'.
It is our duty as a major cinema chain to uphold the BBFC classification laws and we are taking this incident very seriously.
He adds: "Rather than be in conflict, we tend to work with the BBFC.
The BBFC said the game "constantly encourages visceral killing".
For instance, GTA: San Andreas is a BBFC 18+ rated game and is only suitable for adults.
The BBFC admitted audiences may find the scenes shocking, but gave it an 18 certificate because it felt the sexual content was "exceptionally justified by context".
The BBFC has said that most people are opposed to hearing one particular four-letter word in a movie such as Sweet Sixteen.
It has been awarded an 18 certificate from the BBFC due to its graphic violence and real-world settings.
It would cost quite a lot to take it to the BBFC and they advised me that the county council could do it.