BBFIBaptist Bible Fellowship International
BBFIBato Balani Foundation Inc (Makati City, Philippines; education)
BBFIButter Buds Food Ingredients (Racine, WI)
BBFIBible Believers Fellowship, Inc. (Christian prison ministry)
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This growing conservatism strengthened the theological overlap with the BBFI but alienated many moderates.
While an SBC resolution for the first time declared homosexuality "contrary to biblical truth," the affiliation defeated a harsher condemnation while the BBFI avoided the matter as a private, not public, sin.
19) If some conservatives in associations such as the BBFI quietly harbored doubts about Carter's personal theology, they could not ignore his impact.
Nevertheless, the congregation did not share my doubts" with "almost two-thirds" of the most doctrinaire conservatives in the BBFI supporters.
Falwell and members of the BBFI largely fell in line.
32) Phil Strickland of the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas advocated that Carter establish a "formal relationship with the religious community," including groups such as the SBC and BBFI, and even offered a list of prominent Baptists.
reported the biggest gains," with the BBFI at the fore.