BBFMBlack Belt Fight Music (record company)
BBFMBureau of Budget and Fiscal Management (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
BBFMBond-Bending Force Model
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The BBFM connects principles of general systems theory with the psychosomatic family model (Minuchin, Rosman, & Baker, 1978) to explain the influence of psychosocial factors on biological processes and disease activity.
The BBFM theorizes that family emotional climate (FEC) and biobehavioral reactivity influence one another and can ameliorate or exacerbate physiological processes, including disease activity and severity (Wood, 1993; Wood et al.
Although the BBFM has a broad developmental application (Wood & Miller, 2005), it had not been tested with adult patients.
Finally, we used self-report measures; future BBFM research should include objective data, including provider reports.
BBFM had planned the event to celebrate their recent re-branding and to thank clients, vendors, and friends for their support.
In a letter to invitees, The BBFM Team notified participants of the postponement and thanked them for their understanding, saying, "We felt it was appropriate at this time to focus our energies on family, friends, and those in the world who need our support.
The spirit of giving has been an integral part of BBFM Inc.
Other architect and engineering firms include HZA Engineering Consultants (mechanical/electrical engineer) and BBFM Engineers (structural engineer).
The clinic is 170,000 square feet and the hospital renovations comprise 88,000 square feet Other architect and engineering firms include ZGF Architects (medical planning and design), Jones and Jones (cultural designer), Arcadis (project manager), Innova Group (medical planner), CRW Engineering Group (civil engineer, surveying), BBFM Engineers (structural engineer), Ted Jacob Engineering Group (medical mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineer), RSA Engineering: (mechanical/ electrical engineer), Stantec (low voltage electrical engineer), Morrison Hershfield (exterior envelope consultant), Daly-Standlee & Associates (acoustics), Arctic Food Service Design (food service/kitchen design), Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin (snow and wind drift specialists), and HMS Inc.
Other architect and engineering firms involved in the project include AMC Engineers (mechanical/electrical engineer), BBFM Engineers (structural engineer), and DOWL (civil engineer/survey).
Engineer of the Year Colin Maynard, a Principal with BBFM Engineers Inc.