BBGMBrennan Beer Gorman Monk Interiors
BBGMBovine Brain Gray Matter
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The Washington, DC, office of BBG-BBGM will continue as BBGM.
To liven up the interiors, BBGM took its cues from European-hotel design -- jazzing up the space with rich blues that add drama to public areas while creating excitement and accent in guest rooms.
Working with a "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" approach, BBGM used a light touch to attract customers.
First, BBGM cushioned the conference rooms with shock absorbers to shield them from vibrations and electrical interference.
I should also acknowledge its Plaza's reputation and ethics that have enabled us to associate with two other major firms working on our projects, HOK and BBGM," stated Kephart.
The designers are alums of top firms like Rockwell group, BBGM and Jeffrey Beers International where they perfected their craft producing projects that have received awards and been recognized in a variety of hospitality and interior design publications before striking out on their own.
New York City-based BBGM will bring glamorous 1920s style to the Trump Marina, designing new schemes for the 500 guestrooms, as well as two new restaurants and updating the casino and hotel atrium.