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Designers originally drafted a plan that would install traditional Victorian styling in most of the hotel's spaces, from gnestrooms to public areas, says Kathryn Mickel of BBGM's Phoenix office and partner in charge of the job.
Mickel and the BBGM team used this motif in the guestrooms in both the carpets and in custom-designed bedcovers.
To liven up the interiors, BBGM took its cues from European-hotel design -- jazzing up the space with rich blues that add drama to public areas while creating excitement and accent in guest rooms.
BBGM made over the public areas with a sleek, contemporary look that complements the hotel.
Working with a "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" approach, BBGM used a light touch to attract customers.
The BBGM renovation has transformed this underused lobby into one of New York City's hot spots.
BBGM considered a daycare center's high maintenance needs in every facet of construction: All wall surfaces and furniture, for example, were chosen to withstand messy fingerprints and frequent cleaning.
First, BBGM cushioned the conference rooms with shock absorbers to shield them from vibrations and electrical interference.
BBGM redesigned open space into a doughnut-shaped configuration; central to that layout is a main registration desk.
Shane Michael Murray, associate, BBGM. Since joining BBGBBGM's office in Sydney, Australia, Murray has played an integral role on numerous projects including Shangri-La Hotel Futian China and St.
Tony Machado, associate, BBGM. Machado has over 10 years of experience in concept design, design development, site planning, construction documents, construction administration and project and design staff management.
"Our goal is to imbue both hotels with a new level of sophisticated glamour while maintaining their distinctive identities," said Christina Hart, BBGM's partner-in-charge.