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BBIBlockbuster Inc. (stock symbol)
BBIBerlin Brandenburg International (Airport)
BBIBrowser-Based Interface
BBIBest Brains Inc.
BBIBritish Biocell International
BBIBhubaneswar, India - Bhubaneswar (Airport Code)
BBIBritish Bottlers' Institute (UK)
BBIBâtiment Bricolage Industrie (French: Building Supplies Industry; trade magazine)
BBIBernard Bimbeloterie Import (French: Bernard Import Knickknacks)
BBIBerger Blanc Suisse International (French: White Swiss Shepherd International; Switzerland)
BBIB'nai Brith International
BBIBlue Blaze Irregular (member of Buckaroo Banzai's World Wide Assistance Program)
BBIBroad Band Inverse (magnetic resonance)
BBIBresse Bourgogne Immobilier (French: Bresse Burgundy Real Estate)
BBIBand Busses, Inc.
BBIBritish Born Indian
BBIBaseband Interface
BBIBio-Behavioral Institute
BBIBi-Directional Backplane Interface (Nortel)
BBIBeanie Baby-Itis
BBIBiker Babes' Idol
BBIBroadcasting Foundation, Inc.
BBIBalanced Bridge Interferometer modulator (fiber optics)
BBIBonhomme Bâtiments Industriels (French: Bonhomme Industrial Buildings; Montélier, France)
BBIBurton Blatt Institute (Syracuse University; New York)
BBIBelluard Bollwerk International (Fribourg, Switzerland)
BBIBlue Blanket Improv (San Francisco, CA)
BBIBusiness to Business Internet (UK)
BBIBehavior-Based Interviewing
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Brookfield will have a 35 to 40% stake in BBI after it has made its investment.
No-one from BBI or PD Ports was available for comment.
Martin Burns, chief executive officer of BBI, added, "These findings build on clinical study and real-world usage data from users of the SEM Scanner.
The 2015 call for proposals will formally be announced in Brussels at the BBI JU Info Day on June 26, an information and awareness event gathering program managers and experts.
Commenting on the leadership role Lucy has played within the BBI Group, Lyn Rees (Group CEO) said: "BBI has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years building off a very strong and successful technology foundation.
Its parent company, American owned Alere, is looking to use the "otation to sell 25% of its stake in BBI to pay outstanding debt.
BBI has won various awards, including "Best Employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina" and "Superbrand".
However, the current method of extracting BBI from soybeans is time-consuming and involves harsh chemicals.
The plan is that when BBI opens its doors, the capital will offer business travellers, tourists and companies a high-tech airport with excellent connections, international flights, direct motorway access, and a rail station under the main terminal.
Unlike other European airports, BBI will have the capacity needed for the traffic streams of the future.
Passengers at BBI will find everything from domestic to European and even intercontinental flights under one roof in the central terminal ('the one roof concept').
But PD Ports' development director Martyn Pellew said last night BBI was simply looking at the Northern Gateway proposals in a realistic light, since the scheme does not yet have planning permission.