BBIRDBreeding Biology Research and Monitoring Database
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Fitch considers ALC to be a strong aircraft lessor, evidenced by their industry expertise as well as managed portfolio and prior ABS performance (TBOLT and BBIRD have performed within expectations to date).
We completed vegetation surveys at each nest site, generally following the BBird Field Protocol (Martin et al., 1997).
Microhabitat was measured generally following the Breeding Biology Research and Monitoring Database (BBIRD) sampling protocol.(1) Briefly, vegetation was measured on three sampling arrays: (1) nest sites, (2) non-use sites, and (3) stratified random sites.
ALC has sponsored and serviced two prior aircraft ABS, including the inaugural TBOLT which closed in 2017 and Blackbird Capital Aircraft Lease Securitization Limited 2016-1 (BBIRD).
Detailed vegetation data were collected mid-July through early August at all stations, using a protocol modified from the BBIRD Program (Martin 1992a).
The newly established program known as BBIRD (Butcher et al.