BBKABritish Beekeepers Association
BBKABilateral Below Knee Amputation
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Britain differs from the rest of Europe in that beekeeping is mostly carried out by amateur beekeepers rather than bee farmers, the BBKA said.
The BBKA said swarm management is central to good beekeeping and the ongoing welfare of honey bees.
The BBKA also calls on the public to become honey bee activists by supporting its Adopt a Beehive campaign.
Farm owner Graham White, quit the BBKA six years ago after it emerged the organisation had approved four controversial pesticides.
The BBKA said thousands more people were now taking up the craft of beekeeping, with the association''s membership rising from 12,500 to 17,500 in the past two years.
But there is still a "worrying and continuing high level of colony loss" which the BBKA has put down to diseases threatening the bees.
It is excellent that the concern over honeybee numbers has led to an increase in beekeeping, but I would not yet describe the UK population as healthy," says Martin Smith, president of the BBKA.
Hang one of these on a tree or outside wall, advise Pooh and the BBKA, and it might provide shelter for solitary bees needing a rest in between searching for nectar and pollen.
Despite being helped by the mild weather this winter, honeybees still face a number of threats such as the parasitic mite Varroa and honeybee viruses that are associated with it, the BBKA said.
Now, we're announcing our partnership with the BBKA and how, with its advice, over the next three years bee-friendly planting will become standard practice in all our showhome gardens and open spaces.
However, gardeners can do their bit to help bees, says Gill Maclean, BBKA spokeswoman.