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BBMG, along with more than 300 other companies, is now a certified B corporation, meaning it is not only an environmental steward engaged with its community, but it also has responsibilities that include the interests of employees, suppliers, consumers and the environment.
On behalf of BBMG, the Global Strategy Group, New York, polled roughly 2,000 adults from September 11-17.
According to the inaugural BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, nearly nine in ten Americans say the words "conscious consumer" describe them well and that they are more likely to buy from companies that manufacture energy efficient products (90%), promote health and safety benefits (88%), support fair labor and trade practices (87%), and commit to environmentally-friendly practices (87%), if products are of equal quality and price.
Since October 2011, ICBC has underwritten private bonds to raise about RMB 12 billion for five pilot companies in low-income housing construction, namely BBMG Corporation, Beijing Public Housing Construction Center, Zhongguancun Development Group, Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited and Nanjing Housing Construction Group.
This year, branding firm BBMG identified 30% of consumers as "values-aspirational" shoppers interested in supporting corporations that match their ideals, a 20-year high.
Hung has provided professional valuation services for China Gold Group, HanKing Group, Real Gold Mining, BBMG Group, Western Mining, Lung Ming Mining and International Mining Machinery amongst others.
Launch of BBMG 'Regeneration Consumer Study', as part of plenary Research Panel: Untangling the Consumer Attitude/Behaviour Gap .
A research panel led by Tom LaForge, Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights, Coca-Cola focused on closing the gap between consumer preference and purchasing behaviours; professionals from National Geographic, BBMG, GfK Group and the Sustainable Consumption Institute join the discussion
According to a Conscious Consumer Report put out by BBMG, 2 out of every 3 Americans (67%) agree it's important to buy products with social and environmental benefits and over half (51%) agree that they're willing to pay more for products with social and environmental benefits.
On a larger scale, a recent BBMG Conscious Consumer Report supported the interest Gemesis discovered, citing that two out of three Americans agree that, even in tough economic times, it's important to buy products with social and environmental benefits.
Our goal is to help build brands that resonate with today's increasingly conscious consumer, so we worked with Passenger to launch The Collective, a community of socially-driven consumers that want to help shape the policies, practices and products of some of the world's most sustainable brands," said Mitch Baranowski, co-founder and creative director, BBMG.
BBMG to Raise Funds Through Initial Public Offering II-53