BBMMBritish Black Music Month (Black Music Congress initiative; London, England, UK)
BBMMBig Brown Music Machine (California State University marching band; Long Beach, CA)
BBMMBovine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages (veterinary virology)
BBMMBonis Bomum, Malis Malum (Latin: the good deserve good and the bad deserve bad, Epigraphy)
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We used the software package BBMM in Program R (version 3.0.1) to calculate overall home range size using a 95% BBMM and a 50% BBMM to represent the core area of use (Home et al., 2007).
Part of this difference may be due to the fact the BBMM does not assume independence between points and rather uses time data to predict the area utilized between locations (Fischer et al., 2013).
2.--Comparison of a nesting adult Bald Eagle (200; red) and a nonnesting subadult Bald Eagle (204; blue) 2012 winter breeding home range and core area using 95% and 50% Brownian bridge movement models (BBMM).
A comparison of the first-year home range estimates for Bear A calculated by two methods: Minimum convex polygon (MCP) and Brownian Bridge movement model (BBMM).
Therefore, Brownian bridge movement models (BBMMs) were also used to estimate the home ranges.
Further, we compared puma kill sites that occurred within 50% contour BBMM elk core areas versus kill sites that occurred outside core areas at both scales with logistic regression univariate tests.
Package BBMM: Brownian bridge movement model.--<> accessed 1 July 2014.
"We have also received 55 complaints either directly at this office or at the office of our service provider, Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM).
BBMM took the ASC as an opportunity to review existing systems and workflows to see where the management of information could be improved.
BBMM is already up and running with the standard Union Square system and some bespoke development work has been carried out to streamline the management of contact information.