BBMRBig Bear Mountain Resorts (Big Bear Lake, CA)
BBMRBritish Bone Marrow Registry (bone marrow donation)
BBMRBackup & BareMetal Recovery (FalconStor)
BBMRBureau of Budget and Management Research (Guam)
BBMRBrazos British Motorcar Register (club)
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All stocks in a portfolio receive an equal dollar amount of investment, and the portfolios are rebalanced annually in June, following BBMR.
By connecting these codecs with DLNA compliant home appliances that are equipped with NetFront Living Connect, users can replay a high quality video and sound from the video stored onto the BBMR.
You can join the BBMR by asking to register when you go to give blood at a National Blood Service clinic.
Oki's BBMR offers a variety of connectivity and networking options that optimize voice, data and video.
With Oki's BBMR, distribution of entertainment is much easier and less costly and thus is very appealing to the service provider and the consumer," said John Graham, VP of marketing, Entropic Communications
E[acute accent]Though each service is based on different protocols, the BBMR can convert protocols with its gateway function and seamlessly provide various services to its users.
While we help them to prevent this in the first place through our IT security expertise and solutions portfolio, FalconStor's BBMR solution enables us to provide a cost-effective appliance as a safety net that fits the budget of not only enterprise customers, but also mid-range and departmental organizations.
FalconStor's iSCSI Storage Server, NAS and BBMR solutions leverage the company's award winning IPStor enterprise level software.