BBNPBig Bend National Park (Texas, USA)
BBNPBrecon Beacons National Park (Wales, UK)
BBNPBits, Bytes, and Pieces (Wilson, North Carolina internet service provider)
BBNPBali Barat National Park (Indonesia)
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Salient among the amendments introduced is the change of title from BBNP to Balbalasang-Balbalan Protected Landscape in line with Republic Act 11038 or the ENIPAS, a provision of which classifies protected areas into biotic, landscape, heritage areas, sea and marine habitat.
Approximately 10,000 ha of wetlands and 315 water sources exist within BBNP, many found near or along the Rio Grande (Shaw & Finch 1996).
BBNP said it was unable to reach necessary legal agreements to sign off its original planning permission.
giganteus at other sites within BBNP (Punzo 2000a) as well as other desert areas (Cloudsley-Thompson 1991).
A spokesperson for the BBNP said they remain hopeful their vibrant economy will persuade many young people to remain.
She said: "We asked people in the area if we should leave the BBNP over this issue and 90% said 'yes'.
According to Schmidly (2004) these species are uncommon in the Trans-Pecos and have not been documented in BBNP or Brewster County, Texas.
It was a pleasure to work with Powys County Council and BBNP on this project, we understand they too were delighted with the outcome, not only saving substantial sums of ratepayers' money but also establishing a level of understanding and working practice that should help to preserve these valuable assets long into the future.
Elevations [greater than or equal to] 1,600 m and [greater than or equal to] 2,200 m at BBNP and GMNP, respectively were excluded from analysis due to the dense conifer forests supported in the upper elevations (Powell 1998).
We in the previously quiet village of Llangattock have been subjected to two recent housing developments authorised by the BBNP and our largely unelected local council.
A total of 284 shrews were captured (n = 11 juveniles, 126 females, 147 males) during the spring and summer months over seven years (1995 - 2001) from several locations in BBNP, Brewster County, Texas, using pitfall traps used to collect large arthropods.
Nyctinomops femorosaccus.--The distribution of the pocketed free-tailed bat in Texas is quite restricted, and previously has been documented only from Big Bend National Park (BBNP), Brewster County (Easterla 1968; Schmidly 1991; Higginbotham & Ammerman 2002).