BBOABlind Boys of Alabama (band)
BBOABritish Betting Office Association
BBOABluetick Breeders of America (est. 1946; Sedalia, MO; dog club)
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BBOA was identified by two enhanced signals at m/z 60 and 73, which are associated with levoglucosan and indicate ions [C.sub.2][H.sub.4][O.sup.+.sub.2] and [C.sub.3][H.sub.5][O.sup.+.sub.2], respectively [36].
In 2006, members of HSC and BBOA were trained by staff from the aquatic biosecurity and microbiology units based at EMAI to undertake the preparation and assessment of slides.
Responding to the BBOA chairman, BHB communications director Alan Delmonte said: ``The fact is that BHB is receiving an ever-increasing number of signed licences, including from Mr Bartlett's own members.
In order to make up for lost revenue, the BBOA has suggested three afternoon draws of the 49s game with the profits to go to charity.
Since tanker and tank barge boarding activities by the Coast Guard investigate the compliance of these vessels to environmental and safety regulations, EEFT is also represented by TBOA and BBOA (i.e., ex ante monitoring enforcement measures) for tankers and tank barges, respectively.
He said: "Were the BBOA in existence today we would be asking for the Levy Board to be
Will Roseff, now a leading light in the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) after years as a British Betting Office Association (BBOA) stalwart, knows a thing or two about betting shop finances, so it's worth listening to his view when he says FOBTs contribute between pounds 500 and pounds 600 per machine per week to the average office's gross profits.
Bob Green, who first raised the possibility of a gross-profits tax, John Brown, who resurrected it at the 2001 BBOA seminar, and the Levy Board's Bookmakers' Committee, which took it forward, were the architects of change.
At the moment, each of the big three - Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral - have two seats, with two for BOLA, the BBOA and NAB.
ALTHOUGH the BBOA has been submerged into ABB, its excellent annual seminar has not and takes place at London's Dorchester Hotel on January 28.
Bailey even turned up at a BBOA board meeting and threatened to sue after taking exception to the organisation's magazine printing his picture and warning members about his activities.
The new Association of British Bookmakers, a merger of the former BOLA and BBOA, by coincidence held its first meeting on Monday.