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In Duran, for example, the court considered the testimony of a randomly selected sample of BBOs to determine whether people with that job title spent more than half of their work time on outside sales.
"The trial court exceeded acceptable due process parameters by limiting the presentation of evidence of liability to the testifying BBOs only," the court wrote.
On the other hand, new evolutionary algorithms, including biogeography-based optimization (BBO), inspired by the behavior of natural phenomena, were developed for solving optimization problems.
The merit of BBO algorithm, the wavelet transform, the fuzzy system, and the success of ANNs have encouraged us to combine these techniques for forecasting traffic flow.
In BBO, the probability to choose the solution [H.sub.i] as the immigrating habitat depends on its immigration rate [[lambda].sub.i] and the probability to choose the solution [H.sub.j] as the emigration habitat depends on its emigration rate [[mu].sub.j].
The original BBO has several drawbacks including insufficient exploration capability and slow convergence speed.
The Proposed Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network (FWNN) Trained by the Improved BBO
A fuzzy wavelet neural network (FWNN) with parameters trained by the improved BBO (hereinafter referred to as FWNN-iBBO-based model) was developed for forecasting the traffic flow.
For the proposed FWNN-BBO forecasting model, the parameters for the BBO algorithm and iBBO algorithm were determined by trial and error.