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The 8-week training program with two training sessions per week consisted of either an APBT (Table 2a) or BBPT (Table 2b).
The within session exercise sequence of balance and plyometric training on variables of physical fitness were analyzed in separate 2 (Group: ABPT, BBPT) x 3 (Time: pre, mid, post) ANOVAs with repeated measures on "Time".
Weekly session-RPE was 1019.51, and 1009.78 arbitrary units for the ABPT and BBPT respectively (p > 0.05).
Group BBPT showed performance enhancements from pre- to mid- (p < 0.001), pre- to post- (p < 0.001), and mid- to post-training (p = 0.006).
Group BBPT significantly improved their 10-m sprint time from pre- to mid- (p = 0.009), pre- to post- (p < 0.001), and mid- to post-training (p = 0.008).
For group BBPT, significant pre-post-training changes were found only (p = 0.024).
According a research by BBPT, apart from CPO, there are at least 40 types of vegetable oil that could be used as basic material for bio-diesel in Indonesia.