BBPWBig Bang Pro Wrestling (video game)
BBPWBeginning Band Pedagogy Workshop (University of Texas San Antonio)
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TLC was developed in BBPW (n-butanol-benzene-pyridine-water, 5:1:3:3, upper layer) or Phenol (phenol:water, 4:1) and dried before spraying with aniline-hydrogen phthalate sugar reagent (1.6 g sodium hydrogen phthalate, 9.1 mL aniline, 48 mL n-butanol, 48 mL ethyl ether, 4.0 mL water) (Francis 1982).
TLC with glucose, galactose and rhamnose standards and BBPW as mobile phase identified the moiety as glucose (Table 3).
Composition of aqueous solutions containing hydrolyzate or sugar standards with constituents identified by [R.sub.f] ranges in BBPW mobile phase.