BBRDBarefoot Bay Recreation District (Florida)
BBRDBroadband Radiation Detector
BBRDBroadband Receiver Digitizer
BBRDBurlington Bombers Roller Derby (Vermont)
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Yet, while the focus has, so far, been on Wind turbines, BBRD believes sea wave energy holds the best solution: " Grenada has a total of 121 km of coast and a real interest in promoting renewable energies" stated Mr.
With the energy needs constantly on the rise Grenada is seeking solutions locally and BBRD is primed to offer a solution utilizing an untapped renewable energy source - sea waves.
WERPO has also been accompanied throughout the reverse merger process with BBRD by Balter, Guth, Aloni & co.
Shmuel Ovadia, Director and inventor of BBRD's technology stated: "We believe the common shares of BBRD are very valuable and this share buyback program will not only strengthen the company's capital structure, but ultimately increase the value of the shares to our loyal shareholders.
WERPO, having received the rights for all of SDE Ltd's technology, property, know-how, IP (patents, et al), contracts and subsidiaries, is able to promote its sea wave energy solution around the world while being publicly traded under the stock name BBRD.