BBRSBusiness Birth Rate Strategy (UK)
BBRSBroadband Routing & Switching
BBRSBureau of Business Research and Services (New Mexico State University; Las Cruces, NM)
BBRSBackyard Battery Repair Shop (Jamaica)
BBRSBlue Box Recycling System (municipal waste management system)
BBRSBe Back Real Soon
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ARISE deployed a shortwave and longwave broadband radiometer (BBR) system from the Naval Research Laboratory; a Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer (SSFR) from the University of Colorado Boulder; the Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research (4STAR) from the NASA Ames Research Center; cloud microprobes from the NASA Langley Research Center; and the Land, Vegetation and Ice Sensor (LVIS) laser altimeter system from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Plaud concluded that Staats had mischaracterized the empirical data supporting the efficacy of behavior analysis and had caricatured its breadth and depth, and that the concepts of BBRs were unnecessary, intervening variables.
The BBRS has staked its claim in the fight against the protection of the populace that lives in multi-unit residential structures by siding with home builder profit margins over the safety of these hardworking families.
The Engagement scale of the BBRS was used to measure the child's cooperation with the interviewer during the assessment and the child's positive affect and interest in the materials.
Several researchers have examined the effect of BBRs on state spending, finding evidence that strict BBRs limit expenditures (Poterba 1994, Bohn and Inman 1996, Bails and Tieslau 2000).
The HCM-II includes facilitating conditions/discriminative stimuli (FC/SD), consequences, organic conditions, and four somewhat overlapping basic behavioral repertoires (BBRs) that determine compliance to health related activities.
The effectiveness of BBRs, and the important role of budget stabilisation funds, is illustrated by the actions taken by states during their recent fiscal crisis that started in state fiscal year (SFY) 2002.
Group adjusted quarterlygross profit lifted by pounds 9 million to pounds 109 million, with an pounds 8 million profits decline in BBRS offsetting a pounds 20 million rise in profits from optical and access networks.
As a result, the individual would acquire BBRs that include the following: (a) knowledge, beliefs, imagery, and information processing about diet that involves high-fat, low-fiber food (language-cognitive); (b) knowledge, beliefs, imagery, and information processing that involve conditioning of high-fat, low-fiber food with hunger reduction and gustatory pleasure (verbal-emotional); (c) conditioning to high-fat, low-fiber food that elicit positive affect, serve as discriminative stimuli for approach to such food, and function as reinforcement for consuming such food (emotional-motivational); and (d) developing the instrumental skills to acquire and consume such food (sensory-motor).
[sections] 377), provided that the company engaged in the activities derives no more than 25 percent of its gross revenues from underwriting and dealing in bank-ineligible securities over a two-year period.(95) Fleet has committed that, after consummation of the transaction, FSI and BBRS each would conduct its bank-ineligible securities underwriting and dealing activities subject to the revenue and prudential limitations previously established by the Board.