BBRSPBig Bend Ranch State Park (Texas)
BBRSPBig Basin Redwoods State Park (California)
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mexicana using the Fresno Creek Bridge at BBRSP, the bridge consisted of a summer maternity colony and was used by non-reproductive adult males during spring and summer (Table 1).
Based on the results of this study TPWD biologists should further investigate BBNP and BBRSP as potential sites for future desert bighorn sheep translocations.
One lactating female (TTU 82477) was collected in a mist net over a stock tank on 6 July 2001 at BBRSP, Presidio County (UTM 13R 602303E 3258748N, elevation 1300m) in desert scrub habitat dominated by creosote bush (Larrea tridentata).
macrotis (TTU 82468; embryo crown-rump length = 27.5mm) was collected on 29 May 2001 at the same locality in BBRSP as the previously reported L.
This work reports an additional record of one adult male (TTU 82476) collected at BBRSP on 6 July 2001 from the same locality as the aforementioned molossids (N.