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BBRTBurlington Business Round Table (Burlington, MA)
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Sebastian Becker, Martin Messner y Utz Schaffer (2010) resumen el panorama evolutivo del desarrollo conceptual y organizacional de la BBRT, y del concepto de Beyond Budgeting en el grafico 1.
White Paper, Beyond Budgeting Round Table, BBRT, June, 2002.
The BBRT has about 60 corporate members that fund its studies and benefit from access to its research reports, forums and conferences.
The BBRT advances the idea that budgeting should be abolished and replaced by an alternative business model.
The performance management practices discussed above are consistent with transitioning to an empowered organization--which the BBRT sees as the bigger prize.
While the case against traditional budgeting made by the BBRT is compelling, we believe it requires systematic examination against empirical evidence, especially in a North American context.
The case against traditional budgeting made by the BBRT is compelling, and its new management model will be the subject of the second part of this two-part series in the April issue of Management.
The underlying culture of North American firms may be considerably different from European firms and, thus, it's by no means certain that the BBRT prescription will work in North America.
Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting Steve Player - Founder of BBRT North America
In addition to attendees, BBRT is actively recruiting top-level sponsors for the event.
A good starting point is for interested government departments and international aid agencies to join the UK-based BBRT and start a process of research and discussion to carry some key points to their organisations.
This year the conference is devoted to managing for success in turbulent times and offers proven implementation secrets for out-performing the competition even during a recession," said Steve Player, director, BBRT North America region.