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The BBRT has about 60 corporate members that fund its studies and benefit from access to its research reports, forums and conferences.
The BBRT advances the idea that budgeting should be abolished and replaced by an alternative business model.
Figure 1 outlines the framework for the BBRT's vision for a new management model.
One important issue that relates directly to the BBRT's criticisms concerns how firms are balancing the need to control costs on the one hand with the pursuit of innovation on the other.
One of the BBRT's key arguments is that the budgeting process undermines employee empowerment because it reaffirms the model of centralized control and drastically compromises empowerment by limiting lower management levels from acting entrepreneurially.
After two years' research and numerous case visits, the BBRT has concluded that not only do firms need more effective strategic management, but they also need to redesign their organizations to devolve authority more effectively to the front line.
He said that his company had drawn up a web-based diagnostic survey in conjunction with the BBRT to help managers determine where their firms could improve their budgeting processes.
For further details about the BBRT go to Jeremy Hope and Robin Fraser CAM-I Beyond Budgeting Round Table
It is particularly interesting at a time when the Beyond Budgeting round table (BBRT) is expected to transform the way in which organisations budget without a budget.